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The Trial Lawyer’s Must Have Video Deposition Tool



Southwest Litigation Service, the leading court reporting and litigation support services firm in Texas, has announced the availability of its innovative and game-changing e-PIP™ videography tool designed for use by litigators at depositions, settlement proceedings and trial. "e-PIP™ provides trial lawyers with a powerful and persuasive winning edge when it comes to achieving courtroom success by bringing life to otherwise dry evidence presented to a witness at deposition or trial.

e-PIP™ helps litigators create an atmosphere which makes it interesting and easy for jurors to learn the important issues in a case by visually or audibly displaying, electronically, anything – documents, photos, videos, power point presentations, audio and video files – all presented live to a witness as he or she is testifying. Also capable of playing audio files, e-PIP™ allows the lawyer to annotate the visually displayed information and to zoom in, magnify selected text or images, draw arrows and highlight portions of a document. e-PIP represents a true electronic picture-in-picture technology and offers capabilities far beyond those available with older ELMO or other document cameras.

Increased use of the internet and TV has created a society dependent upon visual information. Combined with the fact that the average person’s attention span is only a few minutes, courtroom lawyers must convey points of importance in a way that grabs and maintains jurors’ focus and attention. “e-PIP™ was designed to do just that,” states Tim McCarble, the Owner and CEO of Southwest Litigation Service and the legal videography expert who created and developed the innovative e-PIP technique.

“Having provided video services at hundreds of depositions and at trials, I have observed reactions of the Court and jurors to witness examinations and presentations of evidence using documents, data compilations, photos and other material that often was critical to a lawyers’ case, but the impact of the information got lost in lengthy or complicated verbal explanations. The jurors’ eyes simply glazed over.”

Tim McCarble developed e-PIP™ to address this challenge and he is the first to employ this technology tool as a service for clients of Southwest Litigation Service. Mr. McCarble reports that “e-PIP™ is now being used by Texas trial attorneys to obtain million dollar verdicts and also to prevent million dollar verdicts.”

Southwest Litigation Service is currently accepting invitations from trial lawyers and their firms to demonstrate the power and persuasive capabilities of e-PIP™. Please email us at, or give us a call at 713.650.1800 to schedule your appointment for a 15 minute demo. Please also visit our website for further information and to learn more about Southwest’s premier litigation support services offered 24/7, locally here in Texas as well as wherever nationwide our clients’ needs require.

e-PiP Video Demonstration (You Tube) – Click Here

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