Litigation Support Leader

Established in 1972, we have forged a reputation of quality and integrity throughout the legal industry.

Clients are our number one priority and service shall never be comprised for any price. Our philosophy of respect and personal touch are the corner stones in building and maintaining our business relations.

Company History

In 1972 , the late founder Luetta “Lue” Philleaux began offering court reporting services in the Houston, Texas area. The company, Southwest Reporting & Video Service, Inc., grew in size and clientele quickly from being recognized as one with integrity and dedication to its clients.

Lue’s charm and mild nature won the hearts of the legal community. She was dedicated and loyal to her clients whom she succeeded in providing the utmost highest quality transcripts. Many Houston court reporting and litigation support firms originated from Southwest Reporting & Video Service Inc.. Southwest Reporting & Video Services, Inc. has been a blueprint for the court reporting industry.

In the early 1990’s, Southwest Reporting & Video Service, Inc. merged with the current owner Tim McCarble founder of Video Law Services, an experienced legal video service company that provided high-end video services such as video deposition and court reporting to well known law firms in Houston and throughout Texas.

Together the two companies now known as Southwest Reporting & Video Service, Inc. provide the absolute best litigation support services in the Houston area with certified court reporters and videographers.

Careers at Southwest Reporting & Video Inc.

Southwest is always looking to expand its reporter and videographer staff. If you are interested in working with a highly motivated group of professionals, contact us for an in depth discussion regarding your career change.

Call 713.650.1800 or contact us for career opportunities in the court reporting and litigation support industry.