Litigation Support & Consulting Services

We are a full litigation support company specializing in the following litigation support services:

  • Certified Court Reporters (Over 100 reporters Nationwide)
  • Real-time Reporters (LiveNote™)
  • Certified Legal Videographer Services (30+ years experience in the legal field)
  • Record Retrieval Services (In-house with over 70 years combined experience)
  • e-Discovery
  • Trial Presentations(In-house)
  • Subpoena Services (Preparation, Serving and Filing)
  • Online Document Repository (Secured SSL Encrypted Database Access)
  • Document/Exhibit Scanning (OCR)
  • Interpretation/Translation
  • Video Conferencing
  • Video Editing Studio
  • Video Synchronization to Transcripts

Subpoena Service

Southwest provides subpoena preparation and service with efficiency and precision for your deposition and trial summons anywhere in the state of Texas.

Our staff has many years of experience researching and skip tracing witnesses for successful service of subpoena. We use the latest in technology to provide current and accurate addresses, telephone numbers, drivers license, and backgrounds in order to locate and verify a witness for trial or depositions. We properly file all served subpoenas in the appropriate venue.

Our research in locating witnesses has proven to be the best in the industry coupled with dedication and determination to provide our clients with the witnesses that are summoned to testify.

Video Conferencing

Time is money and your time is even more valuable. Instead of wasted hours in airports and shuttles traveling with the high state of terrorist threats, you can stay in in your hometown and avoid all of the hassles by videoconferencing your next deposition, meeting or interview. Southwest offers state-of-the-art Houston video conferencing at low rates especially when compared to the cost of travel and time lost in transit. We offer comfortable and relaxing settings for depositions or meetings.

Our facilities will typically include large screen monitors or projectors, digital audio and visual presenters for your convenience. Replete with beverages and snacks for your enjoyment, we offer a collaborative video conference experience.

Interpretation and Translation Services

Southwest offers expert interpreters for depositions, trials and meetings. Our translators are highly skilled and qualified in all global languages.

When accurate translation is essential for your litigation needs, rely on Southwest Reporting and Video Service for an interpreter.

We have local certified court reporters and legal videographers across Texas and nationwide.

Online Document Repository

Southwest Reporting and Southwest Record Service provide many options for document management and repository services. We understand the key role data dissemination and document management play in a successful case.

We offer Internet data access with search and retrieval capabilities for your record files, depositions and exhibits. We also offer document and exhibit imaging and file conversion services such as PDF, JPG and others.