Southwest Reporting & Video Service Introduces e-PiP!

October 28, 2013

Southwest Reporting & Video introduces the first in the industry to perform e-PiP; Electronic Picture in Picture. A true electronic PiP without an ELMO or similar document camera.


e-PiP gives the attorney the ability to display anything, including playing audio files, to a live witness electronically. In addition to displaying documents, exhibits, PowerPoint presentations, photos, video’s, etc. to a live witness, you can annotate the electronic display, zoom on pictures, magnify areas, pan through the document, draw arrows, high lite, etc. All of this is being done live while the witness is within the Picture in Picture, e-PiP.

e-PiP is designed for trial depositions and advanced mediation presentations. It saves money because clips are ready for PowerPoint integration which will make a bigger impact upon settlement negotiations.

ePiP was created, designed and engineered by Tim McCarble, President of Southwest Reporting & Video Service, Inc.


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