New Oracle Software Protects Mobile Data

February 27, 2014


Mobile data and the lack of security has opened new ways for data to be hijacked and used against clients within litigation.

As mobile lawyering and Bring Your Own Device programs or Corporate Owned Personally Enabled (COPE) policies become the norm, the need to protect mobile data has increased greatly.

Amit Jasuja, senior vice president of Java and identity management at Oracle Corp., says the company’s new Mobile Security Suite is designed to meet this growing demand, enabling organizations to safely provide access to sensitive enterprise applications and data on users’ preferred mobile devices.

Jasuja says the new Mobile Security Suite along with Oracle’s existing identity and access solutions deliver an integrated platform, allowing entities to manage access to all applications from all devices, including laptops, desktops and mobile devices.

The senior vice president says Mobile Security Suite takes an application and user-centric approach to providing a secure workspace and:

  • Allows firms/companies to separate and protect enterprise apps and data and enforce policy while preserving the privacy of users’ personal applications and content on the same device.
  • Provides a complete mobile application solution including single sign-on, per application network tunneling, encryption for stored data, native integration with Microsoft Active Directory for shared-drive access, a corporate application catalog and a wrapping tool to include bespoke or commercial off-the-shelf applications into the workspace.

The need for mobile data regarding cell phones, I-Pad’s and the like have become a necessity in today’s litigation arena.

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