When are Litigation Support Services Needed for Companies and Law Firms?

September 17, 2014

Litigation services are crucial for law firms and companies to succeed in large and even daily tasks during legal affairs. It is important to be acquainted with the duties that legal services provide to benefit and maximize your business activities.

Litigation support services are designed to assist law firms and general counsels with legal proceedings that are unusually complex in one way or another. For law firms and companies, the key is to know when litigation services are necessary, so that the issues of complex litigation can be addressed before they compromise the integrity of a case. Below are four indicators that litigation is complex and could benefit from the implementation of litigation support services.

Numerous Witnesses to Depose

Class action lawsuits and cases that involve hundreds of eyewitnesses often have more witnesses that one law firm could possibly depose before the start of legal proceedings. In such situations, a court reporting agency that provides legal staff can supply additional attorneys and administrative staff to assist with depositions and the organization of information.

Little Time to Prepare a Strategy

If the court sets a schedule that leaves attorneys with little time to examine evidence and prepare a legal strategy, they may need assistance from additional attorneys and paralegals to analyze information and help prepare a sound legal approach before proceeding to court. A court reporting agency that offers litigation services can supply additional legal staff.

Information that is Difficult to Interpret

Attorneys specialize in interpreting the law, not decoding complex scientific data. When a case forces lawyers to interpret specialized data that falls outside of their realm of expertise, they need help organizing the data, interpreting it, and presenting it in a way that members of a jury can understand. A court reporting agency can provide staff that assists with these tasks.

Lots of Money on the Line

Cases that have lots of money on the line require a thorough examination of their facts and an in depth review of the contingencies associated with pursuing the cases in court. Attorneys often benefit from having additional attorneys and paralegals provide advice in such cases. A court reporting agency can supply additional staff to help make lucrative cases less filled with stress and uncertainty.


Litigation support services are designed to help law firms and companies deal with complex legal cases, particularly ones in which there are several witnesses to depose, little time to prepare a legal strategy, information that is difficult to interpret, or lots of money on the line. All of these services can be handled and provided by a specialized legal service.

Southwest Reporting and Video Service provides a full litigation support company offering certified court reporters, legal videographers, and records retrieval services for complex and technical litigation. If your law firm or company is experiencing any of these issues, contact swreporting.com.




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