Essential Services Court Reporting Agencies Provide

October 21, 2014

The services that court reporting agencies provide are crucial towards the success for companies or law firms. It is important for individuals to be aware of the amenities that these agencies offer in order to save valuable time and money. We have thoughtfully laid out some of the basic services that we provide to inform the public on some of our important duties. Being informed and up to date on the services that are available to you is critical in staying ahead and being successful.

Court reporting agencies provide trial and deposition services to law firms and other companies. They also offer services, in addition to conventional court reporting, such as early case assessment, document review, and complex litigation support. If your organization needs legal assistance, below are five methods of assistance offered by leading court reporting services.

Early Case Assessment

In early case assessment, a case is evaluated before it is taken to trial to determine:

  • The legal strength of the case
  • How long the case will last
  • How much the case will cost
  • How much the case is worth
  • The exposure it will involve

Early case assessment often includes document retrieval, document review, and trained personnel that process large amounts of information. In some cases, early case assessment can involve all the services listed below.

Complex Litigation Support

Elements that make a case unusually difficult to prepare for or manage characterize complex litigation. Examples of features that can make litigation complex include:

  • Short amount of time to prepare a case
  • Complex information surrounding a case
  • Large volume of information surrounding a case
  • Short amount of time to try a case

To help attorneys handle complex cases, reporting agencies supply trained personnel that process, interpret, and research information in a timely manner.

Deposition Assistance

The information gathered in depositions can form the basis for a legal case, making it important to facilitate them as needed. There are several deposition services a law firm may need, including:

  • Legal videography
  • Video conferencing
  • Real time reporting
  • Deposition suite arrangements

A leading provider of court reporting services can provide these and any other services that are necessary for depositions.

Document Review

Document review helps attorneys and executives review documents that have a bearing on official matters such as legal cases, audits, and regulatory inspections. Often, the tedious nature of reviewing the documents and the large volume of documents involved in the review require a variety of legal services, including:

  • Consultation from quality control attorneys
  • Complex litigation support
  • Project management
  • Fully equipped legal suites

Document review helps a law firm or company attain the information it needs to develop the best strategy for handling an important situation.

Record Storage and Retrieval

Record storage and retrieval allows law firms and companies to store transcripts and other documents in an electronic database that is maintained by the service provider. The provider also performs retrieval requests for various types of records, including:

  • Medical records
  • Criminal records
  • Financial records
  • Police records

Record storage and retrieval simplifies two aspects of legal cases that are time consuming and disorderly-the storage and retrieval of official documents. Attorneys can use electronic record storage for transcripts and for remotely accessing the transcripts.


Court reporting services help law firms and companies collect and interpret information that pertains to legal cases and other official matters, such as audits and regulatory inquiries. All of these services listed above can aid companies and law firms through tedious and important tasks. Court reporting agencies help simplify other individual’s job by taking some of the long and strenuous work load off their hands and into the hands of trained and licensed professionals. If you or any one you know are in need of any of these services feel free to visit our website at



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