The Court Reporter’s Poem

January 9, 2015



Court reporters hear so much woe

How they stand it, I don’t know

Tales of gore and incest, too

Rape and murder – nothing new.


Drinking, drugs, and bathroom brawls

Contracts, leases, slip-and-falls

Things that cause my hair to rise

To them the story’s no surprise.


Auto smash-ups, petty theft

Child abuse, a spouse who left

Workers’ comp and unpaid bills

All about a client’s ills.


To me it seems an awful chore

To them, they’ve heard it all before

And so they sit and take it down

They don’t complain; they seldom frown.


And though the witness rants and raves

They merely nod and make no waves

They’re patient, calm, and no one’s fool

How CAN they stay so doggone cool?


The answer’s clear; it takes no sage —

They simply charge us page by page.


– Author Unknown

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