“Show It, Don’t Just Say It”

"In today's world, there is absolutely no excuse for not using even a minimum of technology to display documents." In this article “Show It, Don’t Just Say It!”, Randy Wilson makes a very strong case for the use of technology in examining a witness on direct or cross...

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The Court Reporter’s Poem

THE COURT REPORTER   Court reporters hear so much woe How they stand it, I don’t know Tales of gore and incest, too Rape and murder – nothing new.   Drinking, drugs, and bathroom brawls Contracts, leases, slip-and-falls Things that cause my hair to rise To...

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New Year Resolutions

“Who had the idea of slicing time into pieces, which were given the name of year, was a genius person. Industrialized hope pushing people to the limits of their exhaustiveness. Twelve months are enough for any human being to get tired and give up. Then comes the...

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